2-Year Old Class


Kenzie CaldwellMackenzie Caldwell – Twos

CDA in Early Childhood
Employed at Magic Moments since 2003

“I love watching / helping the children grow and learn. I enjoy introducing them to new experiences and exploring with them (to take the extra minute is watch the ants or the birds soar). Magic Moments provides opportunities for children that others do not (playgrounds, high school campus with lots of green area). We have caring staff and families.”


In providing a program for two year olds, our caregivers understand that these children learn with their whole bodies. They learn more by doing than by being told. Two year olds discover their world on a physical level, so it is expected that they will prefer walking, climbing, carrying objects, dumping, or dropping objects to sitting, picking up toys or playing only in a designated space.

In planning for two year olds, our caregivers are prepared to be flexible and spontaneous. Because they are active explorers, they are eager to try new things and use materials in different ways.

They are working on becoming autonomous. The caregiver respects this and allows opportunities for the child to be responsible and to make choices. Expectations for behaviors are developmentally appropriate and allow the child to be challenged yet feel supported.

Our caregivers, with patience, warmth and respect, redirect children to help guide them toward controlling their impulses and behaviors. The caregiver draws more attention to a child’s appropriate behavior than to the inappropriate because we understand the children will act in the way that draws the most attention. The caregivers model positive word directions to avoid getting into power struggles. This is done through verbal interaction realizing that young children lack the skills to cope with frustrating situations and might act out in a physical way without guidance.

The staff recognizes that routine times are important moments to help children learn about themselves and others. We view play as valuable and facilitate this so that children stay interested and move from simple to more complex aspects of their play. The little ones are encouraged by a knowing adult to care for the belongings and the environment in ways they can handle. The caregiver creates and adapts the environment and activities to meet the children’s changing needs from day to day.


Conferences with families and teachers will be formally scheduled yearly in January. During these conferences, your teacher will review your child’s developmental progress reports and portfolio with you. It is important to attend these conferences so that parents and teachers can work together to make necessary adjustments to meet your child’s needs in the classroom and to achieve a smooth transition into the next stage of education.


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